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Hello from South East Asia

Hello to everyone at Robert Blair!

I have now been travelling in Asia for over two months and I thought I would tell you about some of the things I have been doing and show you a few photographs.

I left London in September and flew to Malaysia; the flight took twelve hours! As soon as I arrived in Malaysia, I felt the difference in temperature from the UK; it is much hotter, but also very humid (meaning the air feels heavy and steamy). Whilst I was in Malaysia I saw huge mountains, dense jungles and golden beaches with blue sea. I also saw a variety of wild life, including: huge bats, swimming turtles and lots of monkeys.

After Malaysia I flew to Vietnam, which is further East. For three weeks I travelled from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi; I didn’t stay in one place for longer than three nights. Vietnam has wonderful scenery, food and people, but one thing I really noticed the most was the amount of motorbikes that are ridden on the busy roads. Everyone seems to have a motorbike! Sometimes people ride on motorbikes with three or four other people; that’s five people on one motorbike!

From Vietnam I went to a country called Laos, which is ‘land-locked’ meaning it is in between other countries and has no sea (different to the UK). In Laos (pronounced l-ow) I met a variety of interesting people, including: Buddhist monks, river fishermen and rice farmers. I also saw a huge yellow and black spider, known as an Orb Spider. I travelled on different wooden boats down the Mekong River and saw several rare dolphins called Irrawaddy river dolphins; there are only around 100 left in Asia. Also, I travelled along some of the bumpiest roads I’ve ever seen; one day the road was so bumpy that the bus broke down and I had to help push to get it started again!

Now I am back in Kuala Lumpur (the Malaysian capital), where I am about to fly to Borneo to climb the mighty Mount Kinabalu and see Orangutans in the rainforest. I will write again when I am in Australia, where I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories about long snakes and huge spiders!

If you have any questions about the places I have been, please write them below my blog and I’ll do my best to answer. Also, tell me what you have been doing in school and any interesting news from the UK (especially some football news).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mr Crump

Scuba Diving, Malaysia

Stormy Skies, Malaysia

Monkey Crossing, Malaysia

Rainforest, Malaysia

Huge Spider’s Web, Malaysia

Motorbikes Madness, Vietnam

Tuk-Tuk, Vietnam

Anybody for fried silk worms? Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Floating Village, Vietnam

Rice Fields, Vietnam

Fishing ‘Machine’, Vietnam

Golden Beach, Vietnam

Beach Bungalow, Vietnam

Fisherman, Laos

Boat on the Mekong River, Laos

Orb Spider, Laos

Buddhist Temple, Laos

Buddhist Temple, Laos

Buddhist Temple, Laos

Big Insect, Laos

Irrwaddy River Dolphin, Laos

Pushing The Bus, Laos

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