Your Year 3 Experience

Tell us about the great events of Year 3 this year.

Don’t forget:

  • make it interesting,
  • use capital letters and full stops,
  • try to use a variety of VCOP.
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26 Responses to Your Year 3 Experience

  1. mread says:

    Just being part of Year 3 has been the best… This class are brilliant and a joy to teach…

  2. darrv says:

    I liked making a mummy.
    I like ICT.
    I like the books in year 3.

  3. reziz says:

    Thank you Mr read, it is a pleasure to be tought by you.Year 3 are 100% lucky that you are our supply teacher.

  4. samat says:

    year 3 could improve on less chatting although, they are a excellent class.

  5. robic2 says:

    when we made skeleton heads and it took 5 days.

  6. airea says:

    I like being in year 3 because we get to go on trip and learn when we go to different places which is fun . Also I like the ICT with Mr Read it make me happy and having extra time in ICT don’t need to play we can do work all we want

  7. reziz says:

    Being in year 3 has been a delight.We have been on many trips which has added happiness to the whiteread class

  8. mread says:

    Which school trip was the best?

  9. sduff says:

    I love working in year 3……Highlight of my week!!

  10. airea says:

    I like working in year three because sometimes we do test some of them are easy other hard

  11. chowf says:

    I liked union chapel because I liked singing. I liked union chapel because I really loved singing my soul out in the high note.

  12. samat says:

    Year 3 work independently with SATS and work really hard every day. However, Mr Read is the best ICT teacher in the world.

  13. khanm1 says:

    I had lots of fun in year 3 because there were so many trips, which were very exiting and fun.

  14. reziz says:

    the 2nd trip to the union chapel was the best because we sang and behaved well

  15. mread says:

    Tell me about your favourite book?

  16. robic2 says:

    I like maths because when we do times its so COOL and its my favourite subject.

  17. shatr says:

    The best thing about year 3 is when we was shaping the Eagles out of clay. Furthermore, I liked all the trips that we went
    on in year 3.

  18. reziz says:

    My favourite book is goosebumps.I like it because it is scary and i like scary books

  19. winsw says:

    My favourite thing in Year 3 was when we did assembly in Thursday 5th May 2016. The assembly was about the rainforest and I enjoyed the part when we sang ‘Colours of the Wind’ .
    I enjoyed the trip to the church best.

  20. robic2 says:

    I’m going to the church and I was singing in the church.

  21. tafae says:

    The cally festival because it was loud,and My Dad carried the huge heavy grey eagle. We walked into steam, when they were cooking barbeque. Mr miles carried the eagle on the way back. Me and my sister went on the rides, and ait candy floths .

  22. haqua says:

    Year 3 is outstanding with Mr Read the greatest teacher ever like Mrs Stanica and the school play was the best because
    me and my partner got to be in the school play

  23. chowf says:

    I like james church because I like the chair it is soft

  24. moham1 says:

    My favourite time in year 3 is when we played market and drank milkshake.

  25. karim1 says:

    The best day of my life in year 3 is when we went to the st.james church because it was fun learning about rocks and this is the best trip and furthermore, it was a pleasure to meet the priest.

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